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How do I request a copy of my Undergraduate or Postgraduate Certificate?

Bangor University Award

Further information on applications regarding Bangor University replacement certificates can be found here.

University of Wales Award

Further information can be found on the University of Wales website.

Please note that all applications regarding University of Wales replacement certificates and Academic Statements must be sent directly to the University of Wales (not to Bangor University). You should check your academic transcript for confirmation of the awarding body, or see the guidance below.  If you are not sure, contact the Student Administration Team via /student-administration/enquiry.php.en who will be able to check whether it is a Bangor University award or a University of Wales award.

Bangor University or University of Wales?

Any student that graduated prior to 1st August 2009, will have been awarded a University of Wales degree.

Any student that commenced (registered for) their course prior to 1st September 2009, and were due to graduate after 31st July 2009, were offered the option as part of the annual reconfirmation of attendance, to receive a University of Wales award or a Bangor University award. If the above criteria applies to you and you are unsure as to which degree you were awarded please contact the Student Records Office to seek confirmation prior to submitting your application for a replacement certificates.

Any student admitted to the University and registered for the first time from 1st September 2009 onwards will receive a Bangor University award.