When can I enrol on-line?

All students must formally register centrally with Student Administration of the University at the start of their course and subsequently from time to time will need to confirm continued attendance. The University is required to maintain up to date information on and monitor the attendance of all students.

All new Bangor University students now enrol on-line. Your enrolment letter or email will contain the necessary information to create your university computer and email account. Your university email account will be used to communicate with you for most academic and administrative purposes and it is a condition of your registration that you access this account at least once a week.

The system will open for you approximately three weeks prior to the start of your course and will only be available for a limited period (usually 2 weeks), so please ensure that you enrol promptly. If you are prepared, then it should not take long to complete.

Confirmation of attendance is for ALL continuing students and is for administrative purposes only and is not intended to be used for changing academic options (e.g. selecting or switching modules or courses, etc). Please see the FAQ section on ‘COURSE QUERIES’ for guidance on academic matters. You will receive an e-mail (sent to your university account) at the beginning of September reminding you to check and if necessary update your personal information in myBangor. Following the initial e-mail, a second e-mail will be sent to you confirming if you are eligible to to use the on-line system. 'Ineligible' students include students who have not already made arrangements to pay their tuition or other fees and students who may not have satisfied other academic and/or administrative requirements. Students ineligible to use the system will be advised by e-mail as to what action to take.