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The recent Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) 2023 saw Bangor Business School achieve excellent results. Business and Management was ranked 3rd (out of 85) for the Overall measure and 4th (out of 84) for the Teaching measure. Student support also shone through with the school coming 4th (out of 71) for the support measure.

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Through my course I am guided into topics such as Analytics, Econometrics, FinTech, Applied Economics where I can apply my research skills in conjunction to my interest in Data Analytics. My experiences of interacting in class and with lecturers has grown my interest. The interactive nature of the classes has allowed me to excel and grasp a greater understanding of the topics and test my abilities whilst comprehending my real-world role if I was to continue with this career path.

Chartered Financial Analyst Pathway

Many of our degree programmes provide the opportunity to follow the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) specialist pathway and acquire the skills to complete the CFA Level 1 examination (for both September-intake and January-intake students). The CFA has become the most respected and recognised professional qualification in finance in the world.

Students undertaking this pathway will take a new module titled Financial Research & CFA Series during the summer period. Students will attend research seminars in June to be followed by specialist training for the Level 1 CFA exam provided by Fitch Learning, who are a well-recognised and accredited provider of CFA education. The teaching will include two days of Research Seminars in June and five two-day blocks of training, plus an additional two-block of revision provided across July and August. Assessments will follow the seminars and the CFA training.

No additional fees are charged for students undertaking this pathway.

However, students will be required to enrol with the CFA Institute and register for the exam. Payment of enrolment and examination fees is to the CFA Institute.

You will be able to register on this CFA pathway after arrival in Bangor. If you wish to make any enquiries in advance, please contact

Pradeep Samtani graduate of Bangor Business School

Pradeep Samtani

Graduating from Bangor University was a transformative experience for me both professionally and personally. The best thing about studying was the teaching staff who were extremely welcoming and supportive. I was very glad I chose Bangor University since I gained a lot of different experiences, learned numerous new skills, and found my future employment direction.

Daisy Pierce Bangor University Graduate

Daisy Pierce

I loved studying at Bangor, it’s a wonderful University set within a beautiful part of North Wales. The modules were interesting, the staff members were supportive, and the opportunities were endless! In addition to gaining a job role within my Degree subject, I have gained and strengthened so many other employability skills through the opportunities that the Business School provided. 

Mujahid Rasul Alumni of Bangor Business School

Mujahid Rasul

I selected Bangor Business School as it is ranked high in Banking and Finance studies. The school’s quality of teaching is outstanding and focuses on a curriculum which is very close to industry developments. Moreover, the location of the Bangor University is stunning that was one of the major factors that lead me to choose the University for my Postgraduate studies.

0:06 Well the staff are so friendly and accessible  I knew I could go to them with any issues I  

0:11 had or any questions about assignments it was  a really relaxed atmosphere and relationship  

0:16 that I had with them and I knew that they  cared about what I was interested in as well.  

0:21 I made the most out of the societies because when  you come to University for the first time it was  

0:26 nice to know that there was just so many different  opportunities available there was a running  

0:30 club, we would run around Bangor sometimes in  Treborth and that just offered the opportunity  

0:36 to get out and about meet people again. I'm  making friends now that I've made for life.  

0:42 We do offer personal one-to-one tutee's and it's  just a really colligative atmosphere to work in  

0:48 and I do sincerely believe the students benefit from that  as well. When students are actually engaging  

0:53 with you which is fantastic and you know that  you're making a difference that's really rewarding.

1:00 They were always happy to  help any time you send an email they'd answer

1:03 so as soon as they could. Just that total support  there all the time only an email away and all  

1:04 the new friends I've made and all the communities  in Bangor it's great.

1:17 So I lived up at

1:18 the St Mary's Halls which is quite a nice little  tight-knit community it was really good and really  

1:23 refreshing as well to have people both from my  course in my flat but also from other courses.

1:31 Bangor is such a beautiful area you've got Snowdon or the Wyddfa so close by and just  

1:36 being able to climb that venture around to  different parts of North Wales is brilliant.

Winter Graduation

Every year we see hundreds of students graduate from Bangor Business School in the Summer and Winter. Here is a look at what at some had to say as they reflect back on their time at Bangor University during Winter Graduation.

Riaz Anwar, Lecturer in Accounting also shares her thoughts as she receives her University Teaching Fellowship. "When students are engaging with you it's fantastic because you know that you're making a difference, that's really rewarding." - Riaz Anwar

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Why Study Accounting, Banking and Finance?

We are very proud of the teaching and learning environment at Bangor Business School. We have invested heavily in teaching innovation, technological support, pastoral care and the student experience. Our strong performance on the global stage is testament to our commitment to providing a challenging and rigorous experience for all our students. Our postgraduate programmes in Accounting, Banking and Finance deliver highly valued knowledge and transferable skills which prepare you for a very wide range of potential careers. You are exposed to a range of Accounting and Finance tools and techniques along with a rigorous academic foundation.  We offer a range of alternative summer projects within the taught programmes, which provides the potential for you to tailor your dissertation work towards your specific career aims. The skills developed within these programmes are immediately applicable when you resume your career path.

Career Opportunities in Accounting, Banking and Finance

Our graduates progress to employment in the private and public sectors, in international financial markets and central banks or in local and multinational businesses. On leaving Bangor, our graduates are well prepared for opportunities of stimulating and rewarding future employment.

Our postgraduate taught programmes in Accounting, Banking and Finance are recognised by highly respected institutes including the Chartered Banker Institute (CBI) and Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Our Chartered Banker MBA is a unique global qualification combining academic rigour with professional recognition. We also offer pathways to prepare graduates for the globally recognised Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams. These relationships with the professional world of finance involve huge benefits that will allow you to leap ahead in your career. Our programmes are oriented towards preparing students for the expectations of employers in the global accounting and banking sectors and in international financial markets.

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