Welcome to Pontio

Bangor University welcomes you to Pontio – our new centre offering an exciting and unique blend of Arts and Culture, Innovation, Education and Community.

The name ‘Pontio’ – a Welsh word which means “to bridge” – captures the essence of our new centre. Pontio brings town and gown together in a real and tangible manner as everyone comes together in innovation, learning, cinema, theatre and restaurants to name just a few.

Pontio showcases the very best from the world of arts and culture, both local and international, and provides valuable inter-connecting space for innovation and enterprise, bringing the University’s expertise in research, design and product development together with business and enterprise in our region. Pontio also serves as a focal point for students, with new Students’ Union offices and high quality teaching and social spaces to be enjoyed by all.

Most importantly, Pontio adds significantly to the amenities within Bangor and the surrounding areas for the economic, social and cultural benefit of both the University and of the wider community. In doing so, the Pontio centre lives up to its name and its vision by providing a bridge between various facets of the University and the community within north-west Wales.

“Transformational Development” – Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University, Professor John G. Hughes.

“The completion of our new Pontio centre marks another major milestone in the history of this fantastic University. In the same way as the completion of the main University building over a century ago was seen as a breakthrough development by the community at that time, I am confident that the opening of Pontio will come to be viewed as being another transformational development in the history of Bangor University and of this region.

“We have located the new building in the city centre, to connect the University and the city in a very real and physical sense, and I know that this will bring positive experiences for students, staff and the community in our region. I commend the vision of those who have worked to make this development possible, and I extend a warm welcome to all to come and experience these magnificent facilities.”

Pontio has been funded by Bangor University, together with significant assistance from the Welsh Government, the European Regional Development Fund and the Arts Council of Wales. It is the flagship project within the current phase of Bangor University’s on-going capital investment programme, which will see £130 million invested in new facilities for teaching, research, accommodation, and sport.

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*Pontio is funded through the Welsh Government’s Strategic Capital Infrastructure Fund (SCIF), the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Bangor University and the Arts Council of Wales.