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Bangor University Access Centre are now online so wherever you are you can access our services - whether your preference is to email, speak on the phone or video call. Staff will be working normal office hours and are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Why Choose Us?

Established as the first Needs Assessment Centre in Wales, we are the only Assessment Centre based at the University in Bangor and through our close working relationship have an in-depth knowledge of its curriculum and facilities.  We also have a wealth of experience regarding the support packages available for disabled students throughout North and Mid Wales and further afield.

You do not have to be a student at Bangor to come to our centre – being part of a university means we have knowledge and experience of academic settings, no matter where you choose to study!

What is a Study Needs Assessment?

The Study Needs Assessment (SNA) is a friendly and relaxed meeting between an accredited assessor and student. Each of our assessors has a minimum of six years’ experience of DSA support, and most have at least 10 years.

During the meeting we take a detailed look at your course, strategies and disability-related barriers to learning.  During the SNA the assessor will discuss relevant support options, and demonstrate appropriate assistive technology (e.g. software). They will then be able to make specific and tailored recommendations about what the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) can be used to fund. All of this information is compiled into the Needs Assessment Report (NAR) which will be sent to the funding body for their consideration.


We can help you to reclaim the cost of attending our appointment.

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