Filming in the Archives

Terms and conditions (including fees)

Please read thoroughly before you contact us to arrange filming.

The Library and Archives Service offers many services for the press and media.

The Shankland Reading Room is a magnificent space and excellent film location. It would be the ideal setting for interviews in a dignified or scholarly setting.

The Library and Archives Service welcomes television crews. However, the nature of our collections means we have to take into consideration questions of copyright, conservation, security, health and safety and student welfare and so cannot always guarantee access to all our collections. We therefore reserve the right to refuse permission to film without stating a reason.

The film company/producer must agree to :

  • Complete and sign an “Application for permission to publish” Form. Forms are available in the Archives Reading Room or by email on request.
  • Obtain permission from the current copyright holder if an item is in copyright.
  • Credit the Library and Archives as the source of the records on screen in the closing credits of the film/programme.
  • Respect and adhere to the Library and Archives conservation and care requirements for document handling

All permissions for television broadcasts are granted subject to contract. Contracts will be negotiated with you in liaison with the University’s Contracts Office, and will include the details you provide during the application process.

The Library and Archives Service will aim to respond as quickly as possible to your request, but the permissions process can take some time, so we request that you make applications well in advance of expected deadlines.

The film company/producer is welcome to send their own researcher to the Archives and Special Collections reading room. Please see our webpages for details on how to register as a reader with the Archives and Special Collections.

The Archives and Special Collections provides a scanning service for film companies/producers who do not wish to use a film crew. This service is dependent on a number of factors, particularly concerning physical condition, size, ownership rights and copyright law.

The release of images and permissions is dependent upon a signed contract and / or payment in full.

As a courtesy, we request that the service is informed prior to the first broadcast of any programme in which one or more of our images has been included. This is to forewarn Library and Archives staff of potential public interest in our material.

We will not normally withhold permission to publish our images, unless we believe that publication may contravene UK law, may breach the terms of any agreement by which we hold the material, or may cause reputational damage to Bangor University.

We reserve the right to levy a publication fee (in addition to a filming fee) in the case of commercial publications. Any publication fee would be charged separately to our filming fee and copying (scanning) charges.

Filming Fees

The daily filming rate starts at £300 per day or £50 per hour. This price includes the use of  Library and Archives material and the presence of a member of staff who has to be on site for security and conservation reasons.
[This price does not include research work conducted by Library and Archives staff in preparation for the filming – the cost of this is usually £15 for every half an hour.]

The daily fee for the use of the Shankland Reading Room (out of term time) as a location without the use of any of the Library’s collections starts at £150.

Publication fees of still images

£20 per image for one Wales / Regional broadcast or publication

£50 per image for a standard / public service broadcast / UK network broadcast

£75 per image for unlimited transmission / 15 years broadcasting in analogue and digital including web-streaming and use for DVD

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