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Three Bangor academics elected fellows of the Learned Society of Wales

Congratulations to my colleagues on this well-deserved recognition of their contributions to academia and society. As a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales, I am honoured to be part of such a distinguished group that represents the pinnacle of Wales’ academic, cultural, and civic achievements. I look forward to contributing to the Society’s mission of leveraging research and expertise for the betterment of Welsh society and beyond.

Professor Edmund Burke,  Vice Chancellor

I am delighted to have been elected a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales. I look forward to supporting the Society’s vital contribution to the life and learning of Wales, particularly in the arts and creative sectors.

Professor Andrew Lewis,  Professor of Composition

It’s such an honour to be elected as a Fellow of Learned Society of Wales, and I hope this will only encourage women and girls, and other underrepresented groups who want to pursue science to do so. I look forward to working with LSW colleagues to diversify the Welsh academic community and so enrich our discourse and achievements.

Professor Yueng-Djern Lenn,  Professor in Physical Oceanography

Established in 2010, the Society draws upon the considerable strengths of nearly 700 distinguished Fellows based in Wales, the UK and beyond.

The Society, Wales’s first national scholarly academy, aims to establish itself both as a recognised international representative of the world of Welsh learning, and as a source of authoritative, scholarly, and critical comment and advice on policy issues affecting Wales.

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