Being Human Festival

Being Human Festival

We might be biased but we think North West Wales is one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom to live. But have you ever wondered what it really means to be human in a largely rural environment? How do we relate to the world around us and how does our environment respond to us? How do we break through potential barriers between ourselves and those who share this space with us: the birds, plants, animals and our fellow humans? Hwb Bangor brings together experts from Bangor University and local community groups across North West Wales to explore these questions using their research into archaeology, poetry, performance art and cultural history. So come along, get involved and find out more about the work we do. The place you live will never look the same again!

Bangor University is proud to host one of six national hubs as part of this year’s Being Human festival, the UK’s national festival of the humanities, taking place 10–19 November 2022. Led by the School of Advanced Study, University of London, in partnership with the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy. For further information please see

Please note: As Being Human festival events are free, not everyone who asks for tickets comes to our events. To make sure we have a full house we allocate more tickets than there are seats/ places. Admission is on a first come, first served basis, so please arrive in good time for the start of the event.

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