School structure

We have been described as 'The School that means Business' and as a 'Centre of Specialised Excellence'. We admit to both of these. Most of our Staff have worked in many different types of organisation before becoming University Lecturers. We have a culture of working closely with practitioners.

Although we offer a wide range of 'typical' business school disciplines at the highest levels, we have our own unique 'product differentiation'. We have established particular expertise in the following areas:

In these areas we have a reputation for national and international excellence.

We are also flexible. This means that in practice you have a wide choice of subject modules. You can change your degree course if you find that your initial degree choice is not for you.

Another important feature of studying at Bangor is that we give a high priority to research as well as teaching excellence. Good research and scholarship are seen as informing and improving our teaching. In many of your courses you will be taught by acknowledged researchers who are pushing back the frontiers of their discipline.