Chairing a bilingual meeting

The aim when chairing a bilingual meeting is to encourage everyone to use their chosen language, and to make it completely natural and easy for people to speak in Welsh.

The chairperson will have an important role to play in establishing the mood of the meeting. Click here for useful guidelines.

Click on the play buttons below to hear phrases in Welsh that could be used when chairing a bilingual meeting.

Welcome to the meeting

Croeso i'r Cyfarfod

Bilingual meeting

Cyfarfod dwyieithog

Simultaneous translation

Gwasanaeth cyfieithu ar y pryd

Introducing the translator

Cyflwyno'r cyfieithydd

Checking the headsets

Gwirio'r clustffonau

Accepting the minutes

Cadarnhau cofnodion

Any questions?

Unrhyw gwestiynau?

Introducing an agenda item

Cyflwyno eitem agenda

Matters arising

Materion yn codi

Asking for a point to be minuted

Gofyn i bwynt gael ei gofnodi

Sending items to the secretary

Anfon eitemau at yr ysgrifennydd

Thanking the translator

Diolch i'r cyfieithydd

Closing the meeting

Cloi'r cyfarfod