Guidelines for chairing a bilingual meeting ::

Chairpersons - points to remember:

  • Welcome everyone to the meeting in Welsh and English .
  • Explain that the meeting is a bilingual one and that members are welcome to contribute in Welsh or English .
  • Check that everyone who needs a headset has one and that it is working. Introduce the simultaenous translator.
  • If you speak Welsh:
    • chair as much as possible of the meeting in Welsh in order to give Welsh speakers the confidence to use Welsh
    • if you feel that there is disproportionate use of English in the meeting, you can respond in Welsh to questions or statements made in English
  • If you do not speak Welsh :
    • use key phrases to make sure that Welsh is heard regularly throughout the meeting from the Chair.
  • Close the meeting in Welsh and English.
  • Thank the simultaenous translator.