Dr Antony Halsall

Antony Halsall
Dr Antony Halsall
College Manager
01248 388786 / 382688
G8 Memorial Building, Bangor University

Antony is the College Manager for the College of Physical and Applied Sciences and the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering. He has been a College Manager at Bangor University since November 2013. Antony moved to Bangor in 2008 to take up the post of School Manager in the School of Medical Sciences.

He also worked closely with the School of Healthcare Sciences before joining the Research and Innovations Office as the Research Development Manager later becoming the Head of the Research Support Service in the reconfigured Research and Enterprise Office.

Antony is a graduate of the University of Southampton where he gained a joint honours degree in Biochemistry and Physiology. Antony spent over 13 years directly involved in research in the complimentary fields of genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics at the Universities of Manchester, Oxford, Bristol and Cardiff. In 1997 Antony was awarded his PhD by Bristol University.

Before moving to Bangor, Antony held management positions in the private and public sector. In 2008 he was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Management and Leadership whilst at the University of Manchester and has successfully completed the Executive MBA course at Bangor University.

Antony is indebted to the patience of his course tutor and class mates as he grapples with the Welsh language whilst studying on the Cwrs Wlpan.

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