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Peter Butcher gives a seminar on the Visualisation of Laws and Lexicography

Peter Butcher gives a seminar on two research projects on 12 November 2019 at the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Bangor University. Pete is a postdoctorial researcher at the University and is working on two projects: Visualisation of law documents, funded by the Nuffield foundation and lexicography visualisation, which is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

The law visualisation project is a collaboration between Bangor, Cardiff and Cardiff Metropolitan Universities to map the Welsh Administrative Justice System (AJS) based on recent efforts made in Scotland. The research will culminate in the implementation of a Web-based visualisation platform to aid the public in seeking redress in the Welsh AJS. 





Mapping the Welsh Administrative Justice System

Impact of mapping the Welsh Administrative Justice System (AJS): The impact of this research affects many areas of the Welsh justice system (and potentially beyond). By presenting Administrative Justice as a system, policy makers will be made aware of how bodies are interacting with each other and the public, influencing future policy. The resulting tool will help the public to streamline their efforts to seek redress in several areas of the AJS and may be used by advice givers and policy makers to learn more about where they sit in the AJS.

The second project, known as ColloCaid, is a collaboration between Bangor, Surrey and Adam Mickiewicz University to create an online writing environment to help improve a user's academic English writing with a focus on word collocation suggestions. Bangor have been responsible for creating and developing the software as well as designing and testing novel visualization solutions to aid the writing process. The ColloCaid project aims to improve a user's academic English writing, focusing on word collocation suggestions and collocation errors. Such a tool has the potential to improve the quality of written documents and of a user's academic English writing. 






ColloCaid: Improve the vocabulary and fluency of your academic English writing

Pete said “It is a delight to research on two fantastic projects. There are many opportunities to use visualisation to understand data, and to help users interact with information. By applying visualisation techniques to the underlying texts and data, these projects have the potential to improve people’s lives.” 

Publication date: 8 January 2020