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Student Finance

When coming to University, you will have two main costs. These will be Tuition Fees and Living Costs.

Tuition Fees

The important thing to remember about the tuition fees is that UK/EU students do not have to pay the tuition fee up front - you study first and pay back when you're earning. The tuition fee payment is deferred until after you graduate.

Bursaries and Scholarships

Bangor University also provides Bursaries and Scholarships to offer extra help for new and returning students.

To find out more, visit our Student Finance webpages.

Living Costs

All students, whether or not they are living at home, will have costs to meet. The main costs are accommodation, rent, bills, food, clothing, books, equipment, travel and socialising.

Don't worry there's help available to all students.

Help and Support

Whatever your circumstances, there is help available to all students to deal with the costs of university. You will receive help from the government and from the University.

Check out our Student Finance pages for more information or contact the Money Support Unit for advice and support.


Depending on household income, students may be eligible to receive a Grant or Bursary by the government to help with the cost of studying at university.

Bangor Scholarships and Bursaries

Universities offer their own bursaries and scholarship schemes. Some are exam based and other are based on A level results. You don't have to pay this money back and you are free to spend it as you wish. Here at Bangor, we offer over £3.4M in Scholarships and Bursaries. Find out more here.

Applying for student finance

Visit your relevant Student Finance website for more information and to view the PN1 Form which is the student finance application form. You can submit your form electronically online.

Click on your country link to find out more:

Apply for financial support as soon as possible even if you don't know which university you are going to. Contact the Money Support Unit if you need any help with your application.