Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Money advice

Covid-19 Update

Whether you are staying in Bangor or have returned home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you can still access the Money Advice Unit for advice, guidance and support . You can contact us by e-mail in the first instance and then if you want we’ll arrange a call with you over Microsoft Teams.

We look forward to hearing from you!

A student’s time at University should be enjoyable and rewarding, and Bangor University aims to provide students with the information and support that will enable them to get the best out of their university experience. In particular, it is important that their time here should not be spoiled by unnecessary financial worries.

The Money Support Unit is part of the Student Support Team and the experienced members of staff can provide advice, information and guidance on all aspects of student funding including:

  • Undergraduate funding for full and part-time courses
  • Postgraduate funding
  • University Bursaries and Scholarships
  • Hardship Fund and Crisis Grant
  • Budgeting   

You may also find these specific Coronavirus related Student Finance and Hardship Fund Q&A’s useful:

Student Finance

  1. Will the current Coronavirus situation affect my next student finance payment? The Student Loan Company has confirmed that students’ next student finance payments are not expected to be affected by the current situation and will be paid as scheduled. For further information visit this Student Loan Company information page
  2. I’ve left Bangor and now living at home with my parents, with this affect my next funding instalment? NO, you will receive your expected funding instalment towards the end of April – for the exact date visit your student finance portal.
  3. I am a new nursing student staring in April 2020 when will I receive my student finance instalment? Once you are registered, we will notify your student finance organisation who in turn will release your first student finance instalment. This whole process could take up to 5 working days.
  4. When should I apply for my 2020/21 student finance? The 2020/21 student finance portals are now open, and you are encouraged to apply for your funding as soon as possible and certainly before the deadline date. Visit our Money Support website for links to the student finance portals:

Hardship Fund

  1. I have returned home due to the coronavirus and therefore left my part time job. I now have no income until I receive my next student finance instalment. Can the university help? The University operates a hardship Fund to help students who experience an unexpected financial crisis. Depending on your financial situation you may be entitled to additional short term support for your immediate needs from the Fund.
  2. I cannot afford to pay my April rent as I have been laid off work. Can I apply to the Hardship Fund? In most instances this issue can usually be resolved by speaking to your Landlord; explain your current situation and ask to defer the payment until you receive your next student finance instalment.
  3. I’d booked flights / a train / accommodation to participate in academic work / study / work placement relating to my course. This virus means that I can no longer go. I'm now out of pocket can the Hardship Fund help? Yes, contact the Money Support Unit for an application form as soon as you can.

Where to find the Money Support Unit

First Floor, Neuadd Rathbone, College Road, Bangor, LL57 2DF

Neuadd Rathbone is building number 70 on the online location map.

Opening Times and Contact Details

The Money Support Unit is open between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and aims to have an open door policy.  However, if you would like to make an appointment please contact the Unit:

Tel: 01248 383566 / 3637

Skype: studentservices12
email us to book a Skype appointment

Are  you a Bangor University student based outside of Bangor? For example, in Wrexham?

No matter where you study you are of course welcome to access the same support from the Money Support Unit.  You can contact the Unit by telephone, email and or if you prefer contact us to arrange a Skype appointment:

Skype: studentservices12
email us to book a Skype appointment

We welcome your feedback

We welcome your feedback.  If you have any feedback, please contact one of the following:

Name Position
Maria Lorenzini Director of Student Services
Steph Barbaresi Head of Student Support