Research in History, Law and Social Sciences

Research in Law

  • European Law 
  • Global Economic Law 
  • International Law 
  • UK Commercial Law 
  • UK Public Law 
  • UK Private Law 

Reseacrh in Social Sciences

  • Sociology 
  • Social Policy 
  • Communities, Cultures, Language and Identities 
  • Crime, Criminal Justice and Society 

Research in History, Archaeology & Heritage 

  • The History of Wales 
  • Welsh and Celtic Archaeology 
  • Medieval and Early Modern History 
  • Twentieth and Twenty-First Century History 

Research in Philosophy, Ethics & Religion

  • Philosophy of place 
  • Cultural applications of psychoanalytic theory 
  • Philosophy and Religion in Education 
  • The Islamic Community and Muslim Enclaves in Britain 
  • Islamism and Radicalisation (in local and global contexts) 
  • De-radicalisation (developing counter-narratives) 
  • Slavery and Religion 
Lawyer writing in book

Research Excellence Framework 2021 

The next REF exercise will be conducted in 2021. The School of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences will be submitting to the following units: 

  • UoA 21 - Sociology
  • UoA 26 - Modern Languages and Linguistics 
  • UoA 27 - English Language and Literature
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