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Academic Excellence

Bangor University has a long and distinguished history of academic excellence. We pride ourselves on giving individual students personal attention in their studies and specialize in small group teaching. Studying with us will open up a variety of opportunities in a wide range of careers, and throughout your degree, we offer opportunities to enhance your employability to prepare you for the world of work.

Studying History

History is an engaging, challenging subject that offers the chance to understand and interpret human experience through the study of the past. We specialise in research-led teaching, where your lecturers will be experts in their field.

You will have the opportunity to study courses spanning prehistory to the present day, encompassing British, Welsh, European and American History and the Archaeology of Britain and Ireland. Our excellence in teaching is consistently reflected in our National Student Survey Scores, where we consistently achieve high scores.

The department has a proven record of research achievement, with the regular publication of books and articles by staff, several of whom have international reputations in their particular fields. These interests inform and shape our research-led teaching.

History, Archaeology and Heritage as an undergraduate subject

History and Welsh History as a Postgraduate Taught Subject

Archaeology as a Postgraduate taught subject

History and Welsh History as a Postgraduate Research subject

Archaeology and Heritage as a Postgraduate Research Subject

Studying Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

Studying Philosophy, Ethics and Religion at Bangor university offers you the opportunity to study some of the most important and challenging ideas that have shaped Eastern and Western cultures.

Here you can choose to study a variety of religious and philosophical traditions, encompassing both analytical and continental philosophy, varying ideas about ethics, in addition to religions of Eastern and Western tradition. For those with an enquiring mind and seeking to cultivate new skills, Bangor may be the perfect place for you.

Philosophy and Religion as an undergraduate subject.

Philosophy and Religion as a postgraduate research subject

Studying Law

The Law degrees offered by Bangor Law School have been carefully designed to evolve with the ever-changing legal landscape, and to equip students with the legal knowledge and skills demanded by an increasingly globalised industry. Students from several countries worldwide choose Bangor for its teaching expertise and diverse, multi-cultural environment.

Our small class sizes foster a lively learning environment and encourage students to engage fully with the teaching experience, with students and lecturers developing a close and supportive relationship.

Law as an undergraduate subject

Law as a Postgraduate Taught Subject

Law as a Postgraduate Research Subject

Studying Politics

Our BA Politics degree pulls together existing teaching and research expertise on important issues surrounding the influence of power, governance, sovereignty, conflict, order, mediation, obligation, justice, accountability, legitimacy, security, and decision-making. Students who follow this programme will be introduced to interdisciplinary approaches to the discussions of theoretical, philosophical, institutional and issue-based concerns revolving around governance.

Learn more about studying Politics

Studying Social Sciences

We are known for the thoroughness of our teaching and our care for students. We also have a reputation for research of national and international excellence and the products of this research are continually fed into our courses. Many publications and articles by staff have international reputation in particular fields.

All of our degree schemes offer a thorough training in the basic principles of social science, a wide choice of specialised subjects, training in the practice of social research and preparation for a wide variety of career opportunities.

Sociology and Social Policy as an Undergraduate subject

Sociology and Social Policy as a Postgraduate Taught subject

Sociology and social Policy as a postgraduate research subject

Criminology, Criminal Justice and Policing

Criminology goes hand-in-hand with Criminal Justice, and you can study both of these subjects on our degree courses. You will explore the complex questions around why crime happens, how offenders should be dealt with and how crime can be prevented. You’ll learn about key issues in criminal justice, such as the sentencing of offenders and the reputation and responsibilities of police forces, while you develop your understanding of the bodies involved in law enforcement, government, the court system. You’ll study the workings of criminal justice agencies like the police, courts, prisons and probation as well as the private companies and voluntary groups. 

Bangor University, in partnership with Grŵp Llandrillo Menai, is offering an undergraduate degree in Professional Policing, licensed by the College of Policing. This will introduce students to the skills required to work as a police officer and builds on the highly successful Police Foundation Degree offered by Grŵp Llandrillo Menai. 

Criminology and Criminal Justice as an undergraduate subject

Policing as an undergraduate subject

Criminology and Criminal Justice as a postgraduate taught subject

Criminology and Criminal Justice as a postgraduate research subject

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