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Visiting other European Countries

During their time at Bangor University, a lot of international students choose to take a trip to visit other European countries.

With around 30 countries to choose from - with SO much to see and do - we cannot make a D.I.Y. Trip for every European country!  So here are some European highlights, useful links and important things you need to know.

To help you plan your trip remember to use the 'D.I.Y. Trip Menu' options for accomodation, travel and insurance information.  The InterRail and

InterRail 'Useful Links' webpages also have lots of helpful information (even if you will not be travelling by train!).

For visa information see 'Visiting Other European Countries - Visa Information'.


France:  France Guide (Official Tourist Info) (includes a useful 'Practical Info' section)

Paris: TimeOut City Guide  

Other cities: Cities of France

Disneyland Paris:  Official website  

Germany: Destination Germany (Official Tourist Info) (includes a useful 'Travel Information' section)

Berlin: TimeOut City Guide

Christmas Markets: A-Z

Ireland: Discover Ireland (Official Tourist Info) (includes a useful 'Plan Your Visit' section)

Dublin:  D.I.Y. Trip

Italy:  Official Italy Tourist Information

Rome: TimeOut City Guide

Milan: Milan Tourism

Naples: TimeOut City Guide

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast:

Venice: Turismo Venezia  TimeOut City Guide

Spain:  Official Spain Tourist Information (includes a useful 'Before You Travel' section).

Barcelona:  TimeOut City Guide   Festivals and events

Granada: Lonely Planet Guide   LoveGranada

Madrid:   TimeOut City Guide    Festivals and events