Mohammed Mubarak Mazhoud Alhashmi


Room Details: G8

Ground floor
Thoday building


BSc in agricultural sciences plant science. Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman, 1994.
MSc in desert agriculture and soilless techniques. Arabian Gulf University Manama, Bahrain, 2008.

PhD subject area

PhD in agriculture


Dr. Katherine Steele
Dr. Robert Brook

Describe your research

Evaluation of novel naked barley lines for starch and beta-glucan content and field performance.

Research Interests

- Naked barley cultural practices. Including using of plant growth regulators, seed dressing and nitrogen fertization.
- Naked barley breeding
- Naked barley beta-glucan, amylose and amylopectin analysis.
- (1,3;1,4)-β-glucan quantitative trait loci (QTLs) and linkage mapping.


Ghazi N. Al-Karaki and M. Al-Hashimi (2012). Green fodder production and water use efficiency of some forage crops under hydroponic conditions. International Scholarly Research Network ISRN Agronomy Volume 2012, Article ID 924672, 5 pages. doi:10.5402/2012/924672.

Professional Affiliations

Ministry of agriculture and fisheries. Sultanate of Oman.


  • 1995-2000: Head of agricultural extension centre
  • 2002: Participated in a short horticultural course in South Korea.
  • 2003 Represented Sultanate of Oman in Expert consultation in Syria.
  • 2003 Supervisor in Oman's agricultural census.
  • 2000-2005: Plant production specialist.
  • 2005-2008: Master student in Arabian Gulf university (AGU)
  • 2008-2014: Head of agricultural extension section.
  • 2010 Supervisor in Oman's population census
  • 2015 Joined Bangor University as a PhD student.