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Anastasia-Ainho Atucha Zamkova


LinkedIn Anastasia-Ainho Atucha Zamkova

Phone: 01248 382450

Room details: School of Environment, Natural Resources & Geography (SENRGy) F5, Thoday Building


MSc Plant Biology: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU BSc Biotechnology, Plant Specialization, Polytechnic University of Valencia, UPV

PhD title:

Identifying molecular markers for frost tolerance in Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis).


  • Katherine Steele (BU)
  • Andy Smith (BU)


My research objective is to develop selectable markers for frost tolerance in Sitka Spruce that will allow our industrial partner to breed resistant trees. Sitka spruce is the main tree species used in commercial forestry in the UK. Continued improvement to Sitka spruce productivity and commercial characteristics has been achieved thanks to co-operation (Sitka Spruce Breeding Co-operative). Frost events following a warm period in spring can severely damage the plants, because acclimation is broken during the warm period, so the plant is unprepared for the sudden frost. Significant differences were found among trees that suffered the frost, likely caused by genetic differences among the trees.

Research interests:

  • Frost tolerance, abiotic stresses
  • Genetic markers

Professional Affiliations

The project is funded by KESS II funding. The project is a partnership between Bangor University and Maelor Forest Nurseries Ltd. Material will be collected from forests managed by Tillhill Forestry Ltd.


  • February 2017 - present: PhD student Bangor University
  • Summer 2016: ELLS course on new breeding technologies
  • September 2015- January 2017: MSc in Plant Biology (SLU)
  • Summer 2014: Internship in SciLifeLab
  • September 2011- July 2015:BSc in Biotechnology
  • 2013-2014: ERASMUS exchange in KTH university (Stockholm)