Caren C Dymond


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1-778-747-2727 (Canada)

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Working from home in Canada


BSc Ecology
MSc Forest Community Ecology

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Climate change impacts and potential adaptation and mitigation activities through forest management: A critical analysis (PhD by Published Works)


Professor John Healey

My research

My research has two main theme: 1. assessing climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in forest management; and 2. evaluating the forest carbon footprint of forest products including energy.


The papers that will form the body of my dissertation are:
Dymond, C.C., S. Beukema, C.R. Nitschke, K.D. Coates, & R.M. Scheller 2016. Carbon sequestration in managed temperate coniferous forests under climate change. Biogeosciences 13, 1933-1947.
Dymond, C.C.,  E.T. Neilson, G. Stinson, K. Porter, D.A. MacLean, D.R. Gray, M. Campagna, & W.A. Kurz 2010.  Future spruce budworm outbreak may create a carbon source in eastern Canadian forests. Ecosystems 13: 917–931.
Dymond, C.C., S. Tedder, D. Spittlehouse, B. Raymer, K. Hopkins, K. McCallion, & J. Sandland 2014. Diversifying managed forests to increase resilience. Can. J. Forest Res. 44(10), 1196-1205.
Hof, A.R., C.C., Dymond, & D.J. Mladenoff 2017. Climate change mitigation through adaptation: the effectiveness of novel tree planting regimes. Ecosphere, 8(11)
Kurz, W.A., G. Stinson, G.J. Rampley, C.C. Dymond & E.T. Neilson 2008. Risk of natural disturbances makes future contribution of Canada's forests to the global carbon cycle highly uncertain. Proc. of the Nat. Academy of Sci., 105(5): 1551-1555.
Kurz, W.A., C.C. Dymond, G. Stinson, G.J. Rampley, E.T. Neilson, A.L. Carroll, T. Ebata, & L. Safranyik 2008. Mountain pine beetle and forest carbon feedback to climate change. Nature 452(24): 987-990.
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International Association of Landscape Ecology