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David Arnott


Office Telephone Number:

01248 383052

Room Details:

Environment Centre Wales, 2nd Floor


BSc (Hons) Agriculture, Conservation and Environment

PhD Title (or subject area): Evaluating the impact of agricultural and environmental policy change on ecosystem service delivery


Prof. Davey Jones; Prof. David Chadwick

Describe your research: This current research project aims to explore the complex linkages between agricultural and environmental policy to determine opportunities and barriers to successful interconnectivity and implementation. The research will use surveying and modelling techniques to explore the environmental and social impact of policy change and its impact on carbon foot printing at a landscape level.

Research Interests:

Agricultural and environmental policy; Ecosystem services delivery; GHG emissions from agriculture

Professional Affiliations:

Student membership CIEEM, Student membership BES; Member of Yorkshire Agricultural Society


A former Royal Marine Commando and Civil Servant who, in 2006, moved to Southern Iraq as a field researcher, trainer and analyst conducting research into culture, attitudes and behaviours. After one year I moved to Helmand Province, Afghanistan to conduct similar work amongst the local populace. Between 2008 & 2013 I worked as the senior field researcher in a NATO team based in Kabul, Afghanistan, where my work advised social marketing and cultural awareness programmes from unit to ministerial levels.

During this time I observed the impact of conflict and social deprivation on the environment and in 2013 I left my job to complete a BSc (Hons) in Agriculture, Conservation and Environment which I passed achieving a First Class Honours Degree. I now work within ECW as a PhD candidate in the WEFO funded FLEXIS programme conducting research into Sustainable Land Use.