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Deying Wang


Office Telephone Number:

+44 1248 382579

Room Details:

Second floor in ECW


Master of Agriculture

PhD Title (or subject area):

Quantifying bidirectional carbon and nitrogen flow at the rice root-soil interface as estimated by 14C, 13C and 15N isotopic techniques.


Prof. Davey Jones

Describe your research:

I will use various techniques such as combined isotopes (14C ,13C and 15N), biomarkers (13C-PLFA), microdialysis and 14C imaging (autoradiography) to understand the implications of C sequestration and nutrient cycling in paddy soils as affected by rice C and N rhizodeposition.

Research Interests:

  1. Soil erosion: causes, consequences & management
  2. Water and Soil Conservation
  3. Management of water resources
  4. Soil Science


1. Deying Wang, Guodong Ding, Yuanyuan Zhao, Guanglei Gao, Mengmeng Li. On suitability for introduction of Chinese rare desert plant Haloxylon ammodendron in Semi-arid sandy regions of northwestern China . JOURNAL OF Beijing FORESTRY UNIVERSITY.(online ahead of editing)

2. LI mengmeng, Ding Guodong, Gao Guanglei, Zhao Yuanyuan, Yu Minghan, Wang Deying. Introduction suitability of Pinus sylvestris L.var.mongholica 10 Northern Provinces of China. Journal of Desert Research (online ahead of editing)

Professional Affiliations:

School of environment, natural resources and geography.


My long-standing environment-craze was initially stimulated by my high school biology teacher, a wonderful person, who made me think deeply about the urgent to protect our environment or make our conditions better. It was nothing less than an impetus to me, and as such I have devoted a substantial amount of time to the studies that are pertinent to environment in college, which technically helped me form an insightful perception and basic qualifications required to delve deeper into this domain.

Four years of systematic undergraduate training plus the advanced graduate studies in Shandong Agricultural University, one of the front-runners of soil and water conservation in China, definitely had me equipped with both the basic and specialized knowledge. There my undergraduate studies have gained me access to the core courses, like forest hydrology, desertification control engineering, etc, which armed me with a solid basis of fundamentals in my major. Given this academic basis, my graduation thesis drew a perfect end for my undergraduate days entitled Soil Physical Properties Changes of Typical Steppe under Different Enclosure Years.

Then to fully understand the panorama of this major, I spared no pains in my graduate studies by immersing in such required courses as Ecological Engineering, Desertification Combating, etc, during which soil science especially intrigued my academic interest in this discipline. Now I am ready to learn deeper about this discipline.