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Dominic Wodehouse


Room Details

F5, Thoday Building.


B.Comm (Hons) Edinburgh. MSc Sustainable Development (Imperial /SOAS). Technicians' Certificate (Arbor. Assoc.). National Proficiency Test Council Tree Working Certificates CS 30, 31, 36, 38, 39.  Full car and motorbike driving licences.

PhD Title (or subject area)

Towards predicting successful community mangrove management and restoration.


Dr Mark Rayment. Dr Morag McDonald


The research is trying to develop a set of simple predictors that will indicate which villages are likely to be able to manage their current mangrove resource in a sustainable manner, and rehabilitate degraded or cleared mangrove area effectively. These predictors are being developed by comparing rehabilitation ability (chapter 1) and current mangrove quality and sustainability (chapter 2) against a detailed study of rehabilitation techniques and levels of mangrove knowledge (chapter 3), and social factors such as village mangrove usage rules, levels of villager participation and quality of leadership. The final chapter will describe a model which will explain how mangrove management and restoration work at village level, and how these predictors can be valuable tools for prioritizing external assistance.

Fieldwork has been completed in six villages in Thailand, two in the Philippines and with some additional mangrove areas covered in the Philippines.

Research Interests

Mangrove rehabilitation. Mangrove connectivity with other ecosystems.  Mangrove ecology.


Matsui, N., Songsangjinda, P., & Wodehouse D. (2014) Longevity of simultaneous operation of aquaculture and mangrove forestry as explained in terms of water and sediment qualities. Wetlands Ecology and Management. 22(3), pp.215-225.

Professional Affiliations

Board Advisor to NGO Mangrove Action Project


Ten years in advertising in London, Kiev, Jakarta and Bangkok in account management and agency management (1992 - 2002). Change of career to follow a passion for trees and conservation. Own tree surgery business in the UK (2003-2006) as a route into tree-based conservation. Eight years mangrove / wetlands NGO experience in southeast Asia, combined with an MSc from Imperial College London / SOAS in Sustainable Development specialising in natural resource management. Currently taking a part-time PhD at Bangor University, while continuing to volunteer with NGO Mangrove Action Project, consulting and running mangrove restoration training workshops. CBEMR workshops have been conducted in Thailand (x3), Cambodia, Myanmar (x2), Honduras (x2), Colombia and Senegal.

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International Student Ambassador and former PhD Course Representative (SENRGY).