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Dylan Elen


Thoday Building, room S1




Duration of study:

2018 - 2021


BSc Geology (Hons), Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium


Nature has always been my passion, going from wild plants, butterflies and bees to even earth science. At the age of 18 I started studying geology at the KU Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium). After I got my BSc degree I decided to leave rocks and minerals behind and followed modules about forestry and nature conservation at the same university. In the meantime I also became a beekeeper and got passionate about conservation of the endangered Dark bee (Apis mellifera mellifera). I got involved in organizations and projects targeting this goal which made me realize I want to use my science skills to help out (honey) bees. The PhD application in Bangor eventually gave me that opportunity.


Dr. Paul Cross & Dr. Anita Malhotra

Research area & interests

Within my PhD research I mainly focus on 2 topics. The first being the genetic pollution of the Welsh honey bee, the second being Varroa resistance mechanisms in a treatment-free honey bee population in Northwest-Wales. Both topics being of utmost importance to contribute to the development of sustainable beekeeping in Wales and potentially elsewhere as well. My research interests on the other hand are much broader, containing conservation genetics; feral colony ecology; rewilding; breeding; competition with other pollinators …

Professional affiliations

  •, Belgian trust for the conservation of the Dark bee
  • SICAMM, international trust for the conservation of the Dark bee
  • COLOSS, international honey bee research network
  • RNSBB, research network for sustainable bee breeding
  • IHBBN, international honey bee breeding network