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Fiona Seaton

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Ground floor ECW Building (CEH)


BA Natural Sciences – University of Cambridge (2011-2015)

PhD title:

How do we account for soil biodiversity and change to assess soil condition for the delivery of ecosystem services?


Dr David Robinson (CEH) and Professor David Jones



My project is focused upon examining the influence of ecosystem stresses on soil characteristics using statistical techniques. I primarily work with data gathered across Wales as part of the Glastir Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (GMEP). Initial results indicate that soil water repellency is much more widespread across Wales than previously thought, and I am investigating whether it is related to ecosystem stress. Other aspects of my work are concerned with the relationship between soil textural diversity and microbial community characteristics. I will also look at the influence of a long term climate change experiment run by CEH on soil prokaryotic and fungal communities. My studentship is funded as part of the Soil Training and Research Studentships (STARS) programme.
Further information on GMEP, including reports, can be found at  and information on the long term climate change experiment at

Research Interests

  • Soil water repellency
  • Statistical analysis
  • Ecological networks
  • Ecosystem stress and function
  • Plant-soil interactions