Francesca Brailsford





ECW 2nd Floor


MSc Marine Biology , Bangor University (2010-2013) BSc Biochemistry, King's College London (2013-2014)


Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in freshwater ecosystems


Prof. D. Jones/Prof. P. Golyshin


I am completing my PhD part-time alongside my role as a Junior Research Technician on the NERC DOMAINE Project, which aims to characterise the nature, origins and ecological significance of dissolved organic matter in freshwater ecosystems. The project partners include the University of Bristol, Bangor University, The University of East Anglia and the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH). My research is part of Work Package 3 of the DOMAINE Project, which aims to identify the dominant metabolic pathways controlling stream and nutrient processing and uptake. Currently I am involved in the seasonal analysis of low-molecular weight (LMW) nutrient processing using both 14C and 33P labelling methods. Once this is complete a combination of microbial characterisation and metabolomic approaches will be used to identify the major microbial groups and nutrient pathways involved in in-stream processing. Information on the NERC DOMAINE Project can be found below: Future publications will be added to ResearchGate:


After obtaining a BSc in Biochemistry at King's College London, I returned to North Wales to study for an MSc in Marine Biology at Bangor University. I am now completing my PhD and working as a Junior Research Technician on the NERC DOMAINE Project in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography.