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Ibrahim Abdullahi


Office Telephone Number: +44(0)1248383219

Location: ECW building; 2nd floor

Qualifications: MSc Forest Resources Management (UI-Nigeria)

PhD Title: PhD Forestry

Supervisors: Dr Mark Rayment, Dr Rob Brook


Improving parkland management through climate predictions of Nigeria’s agroecological zones

The goal of this research is to enhance understanding of tree use and management strategies across three savannah agroecological zones in Nigeria. By understanding the important climatic drivers of present vegetation distribution (using indigenous tree preference data as a proxy for vegetation distribution over the past 50 years) we aim to predict vegetation distribution under future climates. Using climate analogues, we aim to identify paired regions where current tree-utilization strategies in one region can be used to inform farmers’ future livelihood strategies in another region. The report on some initial findings emphasize temperature and rainfall seasonality as the primary drivers of vegetation distribution.

Research Interests

Silviculture, Agroforestry, Macropropagation.



Professional Affiliations

Royal Forestry Society, Commonwealth Forestry Association, Nigeria Horticultural Society, Agricultural Society of Nigeria.