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Research students

This page lists our current research students alphabetically by name and provides the title of the project they are undertaking.

If you are interested studying for a PhD or MPhil research degree with us, please read this advice, and email Chris Parry ( if you have any queries.

Our research students are represented at the school, college and university level by two representatives: Heli Gittins and Richard Dallison. Current research students are welcome to contact them to raise any issues. In addition, Bid Webb and Non Williams represent research students on the Henfaes research farm committee.

Student Supervisor(s) Area / Project / Thesis Title
ABDULLAHI, Ibrahim Ndaginna Dr Mark Rayment Area: Forestry
AGESA, Beverly Prof Paul Withers
Dr Katherine Steele
Sustainable Phosphorus Management: Screening and performance of phosphorus-efficient cerea cultivars for future food security.
ALSALEM, Shareefa Sultan Hamad Dr Paul Cross
Prof A Pullin
Area: Conservation Biology
ARNOTT, David Prof Davey Jones
Prof Dave Chadwick
Area: Sustainable Land Use
ATUCHA ZAMKOVA, Anastasia-Ainhoa Dr Katherine Steele
Dr Andy Smith
Area: Identifying genetic markers for frost resistance in Sitka Spruce
BASHAWRI, Yasir Mohammadashraf Dr Prysor Williams Area: Environmental Science
BARRAT, Harry Laura Cardenas
David Chadwick
Influence of historical management and soil moisture on N2O emissions from grasslands
BECK, David Dr Hefin Gwilym
Dr Eifiona Thomas-Lane
Area: Changing Face of Poverty
BEARD, Timothy Dr Katherine Steele, Dr Alex Papadopulos Area: Tomato early blight - identification of genetic sources of resistance to Alternaria solani
BEHBEHANI, Wafa’a A E M H Dr Matt Hayward Ecological and genetic studies on the Spiny-tailed lizard (Uromastyx aegyptia microlepis BLANFORD, 1975) in the State of Kuwait
BRAILSFORD, Francesca Prof Davey Jones
Prof Peter Golyshin
Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in freshwater ecosystems
BROCKINGTON, James David Dr R M Brook A medium term impact assessment of agroforestry adoption in the drylands of Kamtaka, India
BROWN, Robert William Prof. Davey Jones (Bangor University), Prof. Dave Chadwick (Bangor University), Duncan Rose (NRM Laboratories) and Dr Ashley Martin (Microbial Laboratories Australia) Innovation in commercial soil health analysis and practical on farm guidance.
BUENAVISTA, Dave Paladin Prof Morag McDonald Area: Conservation Biology
BUTTON, Erik Prof Davey Jones
Prof Dave Chadwick
Soil Carbon Dynamics
COSTA, Marcela Porto Dr David Styles
Prof Dave Chadwick
Life Cycle Assessment of legume-grain integration systems in Europe to provide feed and food
CROSSLAND, Mary Tim Pagella (Bangor University)
Leigh Winoweicki (World Agroforestry Centre)
Linking land restoration and livelihoods in East African dryland systems
DALLISON, Richard Dr Sopan Patil & Dr Prysor Williams Climate change impacts on catchments and water supply in Wales.
DANN, Bethany Dr Eifiona Thomas Lane Protected Landscape Partnerships
DYMOND, Caren C Professor John Healey Climate change impacts and potential adaptation and mitigation activities through forest management: A critical analysis (PhD by Published Works)
ELEN, Dylan Dr Paul Cross & Dr Anita Malhotra The genetic pollution of the Welsh honey bee & Varroa resistance mechanisms in a treatment-free honey bee population in Northwest-Wales.
FORSTER, Eilidh Internal: Dave Styles, John Healy.
External: Gary Newman (Wood Knowledge Wales), Gareth Davies (Coed Cymru), Caren Dymond (Canadian Forest Service).
Developing environmentally sustainable forestry value chains
FREEMAN, Benjamin Professor Davey Jones Saving our lowland peatlands
GEORGE, Paul Bryn Llewellyn Prof Davey Jones Functional roles of belowground biodiversity on a national-scale: the importance of soil microbes and invertebrates across Wales
GHUNEIM, Lydia-Ann John Prof Davey Jones
Prof Peter Golyshin
Distribution, Diversity, and Function of Small Filterable Microbial Species in Freshwater Ecosystems
GITTINS, Heli Dr Sophie Wynne-Jones Woodlands and Wellbeing.
GREENFIELD, Lucy Mary Prof Davey Jones Bottleneck of the terrestrial nitrogen cycle.
HALE EVANS, Lucy Dr Graham Bird
Dr Paula Roberts
Phosphorus Flow in School Farm Cathchment
HAMMOND, James Dr Tim Pagella
Dr Fergus Sinclair
Area: Agriculture
HARDAKER, Ashley Robert Dr Tim Pagella (BU), Dr Mark Rayment (BU) and Gareth Davies (Coed Cymru) Beyond single purpose land use – rebalancing ecosystem service delivery in the Welsh uplands.
HILL, Elliot Dr Paul Hill Identification of key factors determining the outcome of competition for organic N in the rhizosphere.
HUNT, Danielle Professor Dave Chadwick On the pee! A mechanistic exploration of nitrogen and carbon cycling dynamics in the urine patch.
IRHEMA, Salem Dr Paula Roberts
Dr Graham Bird
Area: Environmental Science
ISMAIEL, Ismaiel Asad Dr Graham Bird
Prof Morag McDonald
Pollution of rivers from mines
IVESON, Kieron Dr G Griffiths
Prof T Dobbins
Prof Morag McDonald
Area: Management Studies
JONES, Briony Amber Prof Davey Jones
Rob Griffiths (CEH)
Whole genome metagenomics to determine land use effects on soil ecosystem services.
JONES, Rebecca S L Dr Eifiona Thomas-Lane
Ms Siân Pierce
A consumer view of eco-certification within the Hospitality industry of North Wales
KONDA, Manasa Prof Davey Jones
Prof Dave Chadwick
Control of carbon and nitrogen cycle in soil.
KURIA, Anna Dr Tim Pagella
Dr Fergus Sinclair
Designing Context-Specific Agroforestry Interventions through knowledge and scale integration in East Africa
LAMOND, Genevieve Faye Dr Fergus Sinclair
Dr Mark Rayment
Area: Agroforestry
LEWIS, Amy Rose Prof Julia Jones Adapting market-like mechanismsto incentivize community-conservation
MA, Yan Prof Dave Chadwick Controlling nitrification and denitrification in soils via natural nitrification inhibitors for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.
MAGESSA, Kajenje Nkukurah Dr Neal Hockley
Dr Sophie Wynne-Jones
What explains the mismatch between policy objectives and outcomes in Participatory Forest Management in Tanzania?
MIURA, Maki Prof Davey Jones Environmental and Soil Science
MORGAN, Dyfed Rhys Dr Eifiona Thomas Lane
Dr David Styles
Sustainability of Welsh Craft Breweries
MOSBERY, Mark Prof John Healey Experimental assessment of the ecological processes determining the potential for climbing plants to improve biodiversity and ecosystem function in the urban landscape.
MULLALLY, Nerys Dr Eifiona Thomas-Lane
Ms Sian Pierce
Wildlife crime in the UK increased crime or increased reporting?
MUSARIKA, Samuel Chris Evans, Davey Jones, Niall McNamara, Dave Chadwick Mitigating the impacts of intensive agriculture on lowland organic soils
MUSAU, John Dr Sopan Patil
Michael Marshall (ICRAF)
J Sheffield (Princeton)
Land Use/Cover Change Impacts on Water and Energy Balance in East Africa.
NGUYEN, Maiphuong Dr Tim Pagella
Dr Fergus Sinclair
Area: Agroforestry
OSIPOVA, Liudmila Dr Matt Hayward Assessing structural and functional landscape connectivity for wildlife species corridor design.
PARRY ROBERTS, Francis Dr Andy Smith
Dr Dave Robinson (CEH)
Land use change impacts on hydraulic function.
PETERS, Timothy David Dr Andy Smith
Prof Davey Jones
Investigating the role of soil microbes and rhizodeposition in carbon cycling and long-term Carbon sequestration of forest ecosystems.
POTTS, Jessica Frances Paul Cross, Davey Jones,
Matt Hayward (Newcastle University, Australia),
Richard Pywell (CEH Wallingford)
Evaluating the long-term impact of neonicotinoids on the trophic cascade.
SEATON, Fiona Margaret Prof Davey Jones
David Robinson (CEH)
How do we account for soil biodiversity and change to assess soil condition for the delivery of ecosystem services?
SCHESTAK, Isabel Dr David Styles and Dr Prysor Williams Environmental Impact Assessment in the water value chain
TAMRAKAR, Rijan Prof A Knohl
Dr M Herbst (Univ Gottingen)
Dr Mark Rayment
Area: Forestry
TURNER, Robert Joseph Colin Prof Davey Jones Climate-smart grass: A strategy forage production against extreme weather events through resilience to multiple-stresses.
TYLER, Luke David Dr Prysor Williams Improving Crop Phosphorus uptake through the use of bio-inoculants.
VIEROD, Alexander Dr Mark Rayment
Dr Martin Austin
Ecological Tipping Points in Mangrove Ecosystems.
VUKOTIC, Marijana Dr Tim Pagella Whose knowledge counts: power struggles over forest resources
WAGNER, Kata Dr Paul Cross Does beekeeping alleviate poverty?
WALKER, Nathan Dr Prysor Williams Benchmarking and auditing across major water using industries as well as the water sector itself within Ireland and Wales.
WANG, Deying Prof Davey Jones Quantifying bidirectional carbon and nitrogen flow at the rice root-soil interface as estimated by 14C, 13C and 15N isotopic techniques
WARD, Chloe Dr Paul Hill
Prof Dave Chadwick
Green manures from perennial nitrogen-fixing plants for sustainable low-carbon horticulture.
WEBB, Bid Dr Andy Smith Environmental Science
WEISSFLOG, Anita Dr Lars Markesteijn
Prof John Healey
Assessing the role of fungus-mediated plant-soil feedbacks in secondary succession of tropical forests
WILLEGEN, Lisanne van Professor Davey L. Jones
Dr Laurence Jones (CEH)
Impacts of climate change and management on the future of dune ecosystems
WILFRED, Osita Ekene Dr Paula Roberts Area: PhD Soil and Environmental Science. Waste Management and recycling
WILLIAMS, Non Dr Prysor Williams
Dr James Gibbons
Optimised management of upland pasture for economic and environmental benefits.
WODEHOUSE, Dominic Dr Mark Rayment
Prof Morag McDonald
Mangrove restoration and management
WRIGHT, Samuel Felix Dr Slava Tverezovskiy (Biocomposites)
Prof Mark Baird (Chem)
Area: Biotechnology
YESUFU, Jalil Amwanosi Dr David Styles
Dr James Gibbons
Area: Agriculture