Liudmila Osipova


Room details: S1


B.S. in Biology, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
M.S  in Environmental Science and Policy, Clark University, USA


Matt Hayward, Bangor University
Niko Balkenhol, University of Göttingen


Functional landscape connectivity modelling and conservation corridor planning using telemetry and remote sensing data for African elephants (Loxodonta africana)

Research overview

My research objective is to model movement corridors frequently used by the elephants in non-protected areas and define the potential hotspots for human-wildlife conflict. The research aims to integrate remote sensing and telemetry data for better understanding animals’ movement patterns and to use this knowledge for land management planning. The results of my research are used by non-governmental organizations in Kenya, which aim to link local community needs with wildlife protection to achieve the best conservation practices.