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F2, Thoday Building
School of Biological Sciences, 
2nd Floor, Deiniol Road, 
LL57 2UW, UK.


  • MA Countryside Management (Bangor University)
  • BSc Zoology, minors - Botany, Chemistry and Zoology (Cardiff University)
  • Qualified Teacher (Secondary & Special Educational Needs)
  • Life Governor - Royal Welsh Agricultural Society
  • National Trust; CADW; English Heritage; ESRC.

PhD Title

Interpretation of the Natural Environment


Dr. Eifiona Thomas Lane, Ms Sian Pierce

Research overview

As a PhD student within the Geography Department of SENRGY. My research is co-supervised by Dr. Eifiona Thomas Lane and Ms. Sian Pierce at Bangor University. It focuses on the interpretation of the natural environment, remote areas and islands - looking at economic, cultural, behavioural and environmental factors.

My initial interest in research developed when working as a Research Assistant at Cardiff University. This entailed laboratory work using staining techniques, mass spectrometry and high resolution electron microscope examination of tissue labelled with isotopes. The aim was to establish parallel techniques to identify aspects of worm life cycle of the parasitic disease bilharzia or schistosomiasis leading to the ultimate cure of the disease for people.

I then moved to live in the West Midlands, England and qualified as a teacher working in a different types of school with pupils from a range of cultural backgrounds. Here, as organizer and member of numerous field trips and activities, locally and abroad, interest developed in how people learn, what they value and how those from different cultures interpret the natural environment, historic monuments and different communities and cultures. This interest grew on my return to Wales on becoming a “host mother” to international students for Bangor University as did my desire to return to study. My research therefore combines my interest building on previous work experience and focusing on the varied use and enjoyment of the countryside.

In my spare time, I enjoy DIY, gardening, researching my family history and travel. I have enjoyed visiting many places around the world, including America, Belgium, Canada, Caribbean countries, Malta, Russia, Spain and Thailand, both for research and leisure.

Research Interests

  • Environmental Interpretation
  • Environmental Education
  • Agriculture
  • Wildlife Crime
  • Regional Development
  • Cell Biology and Parasitology


Ivor D. Bowen, Timothy A. Ryder, and Nerys L. Downing, 1975. An X-ray microanalytical azo dye technique for the localization of acid phosphatase activity - Histochemistry, 1976. Department of Zoology, University College, Cardiff, PO Box 78, Cardiff CF1 1XL.

Academic Qualifications

  • MA Countryside Management, Bangor University (2008).
  • BSc Zoology, University of Cardiff (1974).


  • Agricultural Officer (Environment Agency Wales) (2008-2012)
  • Environmental Education Consultant (BYW) (2006)
  • Welsh Language Officer (1998-1999)
  • Internal and External Training Officer (1995 -1998)
  • Education Adviser Countryside Council for Wales (now NRW) (1992-2006)
  • Field Officer Curriculum Council for Wales (1992-1995)
  • Sandwell Education Authority Secondary and Special Needs Qualified Teacher (1975-1992)
  • Research Assistant, Department of Parasitology and Cell Biology, Cardiff University (1974-75)


Self Funding

Bursary 20014-15 R. D. Hughes Foundation - £500


After working in the education system in England the opportunity arose to return to Wales to work for the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) (now Natural Resources Wales, NRW) in 1992 combining my two main interests of Education and the Environment. The first three years were accompanied by a secondment with the Curriculum Council for Wales as Environmental Education Field Officer. Responsibilities included the identification of good practice and development of supporting resources for the cross-curricular Environmental Education theme of the new National Curriculum in Wales e.g. Initial Teacher Training Resource. At CCW a range of targeted bilingual environmental educational resources were produced for specific audiences e.g. the Tir Gofal Education Access (44E) - advice for farmers; some in partnership with other organisations such as the Country Code Resource and Schools Biodiversity Project. Work at CCW included External Training, Internal Training and Welsh Language Officer remits and responsibilities for a range of grant aided initiatives and work experience alongside my education duties.

Following a brief period working as an Environmental Education Consultant, I returned to university as a mature student studying “wildlife crime” for my Masters in Countryside Management at Bangor University. After a period of work experience at Environment Agency Wales (EA) as part of my masters course I joined the organisation. I subsequently worked at EA Wales(- now NRW) for four years initially as an Environment Officer before moving to the North Wales Agriculture Team as Agriculture Officer.

Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies

  • MA Countryside Management (Bangor University)
  • BSc Zoology, minors - Botany, Chemistry and Zoology (Cardiff University)
  • Qualified Teacher (Secondary & Special Educational Needs)
  • Life Governor - Royal Welsh Agricultural Society
  • National Trust; CADW; English Heritage; ESRC

Responsibilities within SENRGy

  • Postgraduate Peer Guide
  • Postgraduate Student Representative (2014-15)