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Rob Turner


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ECW 2nd Floor


FdSc Wildlife Management and Conservation
BSc (Hons) Conservation and Forest Ecosystems

PhD Title (or subject area)

Climate-smart grass: A strategy forage production against extreme weather events through resilience to multiple-stresses.


Prof. Davey Jones
Dr. Ros Dodd

Describe your research

  1. Improve our fundamental understanding of how plant-soil interactions in grasslands respond to a combination of environmental stressors (extreme weather events) and how these will affect farm productivity and the delivery of ecosystem services. 
  2. Aim to determine the 'tipping points' at which environmental stressors cause irreversible negative changes in grassland ecosystem functioning.
  3. Will provide the agricultural industry, policymakers and associated stakeholders with new management tools for future-proofing Welsh agriculture against extremes and uncertainties in weather.

Research Interests

Soil biogeochemistry, climate change, greenhouse gasses, grassland ecosystems, ecosystem services



Professional Affiliations



After leaving school I worked in various job-roles including as an electrician, joiner, van delivery driver and insurance team-leader. After a decision to go back into education I followed my passion for nature and the environment and completed a foundation degree at Leeds University.

In 2016 I achieved a first class honours degree in conservation and forestry from Bangor University, with my dissertation focusing on the effects of plantation forestry on soil quality at Newborough Forest on Anglesey. Following this I was asked by my supervisor Davey Jones to take on a PhD project on the effects of extreme weather on grassland soils.