Luke Tyler


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F15 Thoday


BSc Forestry (1:1)

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Improving crop phosphorous uptake through use of bioinoculants


Dr A. Prysor Williams
Dr Gareth Griffith

Describe your research

I am interested in plant growth promoting microorganisms with respect to their potential for mobilising legacy phosphorous. This idea has been exploited commercially, and it is widely regarded by the food production industry as an area of high priority research, as developments will allow increased soil function, less dependence on finite sources of mined fertiliser and reduced nutrient pollution. I am currently examining the roles and modes of action of fungi to this effect, particularly several genera of yeasts, using phylogenetic methods to assess their composition and interactions. I am pleased to be working with IBERS, Aberystwyth University in this project, who offer leading expertise and technology with the potential to offer significant insights into this area of study. I am pleased to be working with the Glenside Group on this project, and to be funded by the Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship (KESS II).

Research Interests

Molecular Phylogenetics
Soil Microbiology
Plant-microorganism interactions
Fungal Ecology

Professional Affiliations

Royal Forestry Society
Institute of Chartered Foresters


I read BSc Forestry at Bangor University, graduating in July 2016 with first class honours. My dissertation examined the effect of desiccation damage to fenestriform pits caused by different drying treatments in two species of softwood, and the consequential effect on permeability and fluid flow. I have worked at Henfaes Research Centre as an intern, working on soil analysis of the BangorDIVERSE project. I previously worked as an arboricultural subcontractor, and have worked manually in forest operations. I began work as a PhD candidate at Bangor University in October 2016.