Uranium fuel 3D rendering

Bangor University postgraduates to play critical role in new-era nuclear energy research

Bangor University’s valuable role in advancing new era nuclear research has been confirmed this week as the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) announced a £9.35million investment in two projects: an innovation centre and design of test facility.

It is exciting to see this level of support from Government, ensuring that the skills and the cutting-edge research is there to meet the ambitions that will enable the UK’s low carbon energy future. Nuclear fuel research will allow the UK to support our excellent industry partners and grow our capabilities for decades to come.

Bangor University, through programmes such as this, is cementing Wales’ position as a forward-looking, sustainable and innovative nation, and we want to continue to grow our influence in this exciting area and others that will bring prosperity to the region.

“We need to foster the engineers and scientists of the future to support growth in this key area, and here at Bangor University students can now learn nuclear science, materials engineering and mechanical engineering on the  General Engineering Bachelor and Masters courses. Please do not hesitate to visit us here in North Wales.”

- Simon Middleburgh, Professor in Nuclear Materials at Bangor University's Nuclear Future Institute

As part of the NNL’s announcement Dr Gareth Headdock, Chief Science and Technology Officer at the National Nuclear Laboratory, said:

“We are in the midst an exciting period of nuclear fuel development. Advanced fuels will enable the next generation of nuclear reactors to provide high grade heat to industry – a major contribution to our ability to meet net zero. As the UK’s national laboratory, it is vital that we develop skills and capability to ensure that, as a nation, we can develop and deliver the full fuel cycle.

“These two projects will not only deliver on the UK Government’s immediate requirements for fuel research and development; the insights we gain will provide further opportunities for future projects as the world looks to nuclear power to meet our global development goals for clean energy.”

Read NNL’s full news release here

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