Dr Rebecca-Jane Law

Dr Rebecca-Jane Law
Research Officer

Research overview

Rebecca-Jane Law (Becki) is a Research Officer currently working as part of the Wales Interventions and Cancer Knowledge about Early Diagnosis (WICKED) programme team.

Becki is also involved with work for Public Health Wales, including research relating to the primary care cluster structure in Wales and the orthopaedic Lifestyle Management Programme for osteoarthritis. Previously, she worked on the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnerhip (ICBP) which aimed to determine the root causes of delays in cancer diagnosis and treatment across 6 countries worldwide.

Before coming to the North Wales Centre for Primary Care Research, Becki completed her PhD entitled ‘The effects of exercise on joint health in rheumatoid arthritis’ at the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences at Bangor University. This work included both qualitative exploration of patient perceptions of exercise and physiological markers of joint health in response to acute and continued exercise. During this time and as part of her previous post at the University of Central Lancashire, Becki’s roles have also included teaching and supervising both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Becki’s research in the area of clinical exercise physiology has also included the effects of exercise in chronic kidney disease.


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Peer Reviewed Book Chapters:

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Manuscripts in preparation:

R. Law, S. Nafees, J. Hiscock, C. Wynne, N. Williams., ‘The Lifestyle Management Programme for osteoarthritis: a qualitative study’, British Journal of General Practice (under review)