July 2017


Waves, Internal Waves and Oceanic Mixing Workshop

Marine Centre Wales, School of Ocean Sciences in Menai Bridge, Anglesey
Tuesday 11 July 2017 – Thursday 13 July 2017

This is an informal workshop aimed at bringing together those with an interest ocean mixing and its parameterisation. Amongst the work to be presented will be the new results arising from the NERC funded PCYNMIX, TEACOSI and OSMOSIS research programmes. The workshop will comprise talks, posters and dedicated discussion time split between 4 main themes which focus on (1) Measuring and Logging Turbulence Data; (2) Internal Wave Mixing Parameterisations; (3) Surface Mixed-layer processes; (4) High Latitude Mixing.

Confirmed attendees include

  • Prof Jennifer MacKinnon, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
  • Dr Shaun Johnson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
  • Dr Ruth Musgrave, MIT, USA
  • Prof Jiaxue Wu, Sun-Yat sen University, China
  • Dr Zhiyu Liu, Xiamen University, China 
  • Dr Jeffrey Polton, National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool, UK
  • Prof Mark Inall, Scottish Association for Marine Science, DML, Oban, UK

The workshop will be held in Marine Centre Wales, School of Ocean Sciences in Menai Bridge, Anglesey and is organised by the turbulence and mixing group within the School of Ocean Sciences. The group have been measuring turbulence in the marine environment for over 2 decades, with notable achievements including the identification of deficiencies in widely used numerical model ‘turbulence closure schemes’ through comparison with microstructure measurements, the first comparisons of profiles of the rates of production and dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy in the marine environment and the development of new techniques for measuring marine turbulence which are widely used commercially ADCPs. 

Our measurements have taken use from the sunny shores of the Menai Straits to the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica! To find out more about our research click here
There is no registration fee and our intension is to operate ‘paperlessly’. However we would be grateful if you could let us know you plan to attend by completing a registration form. We will accommodate as many oral presentations as possible given the time constraints and our wish to promote discussion on ways forward in developing new parameterisations of mixing processes in ocean models.  Please register here.


Both the Anglesey Arms in Menai Bridge or the University Management Centre in Bangor are recently refurbished and provide very comfortable accommodation.  For links to these and other choices,  please see recommendations on the School of Ocean Sciences page.

Traveling to Menai Bridge/Bangor

Marine Centre Wales is situated amidst the Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences buildings in Menai Bridge.  The village of Menai Bridge is on the island of Anglesey, across the Menai Straits from Bangor, Gwynedd, where there is a mainline rail station.

If you are travelling by car, exit from the A55 North Wales expressway at junction 8A and turn right onto the A5 heading into Menai Bridge.

If arriving by train to Bangor,  Menai Bridge can be reached on foot (scenic 30 minute walk along the Strait), by public bus (8 minutes, 6+) or taxi from Bangor railway station.

More detailed directions for reaching Bangor are available here.