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Ocean Sciences

Located on the shores of the Menai Strait, Bangor is the ideal place to study marine science. The School also has its own research ship, the Prince Madog,

Go on to make a difference

Want to make a difference to the world around you? Learn more about how studying with us could help turn your passion for the environment into action to change the future.

Talking About Plastic Pollution

Marine Biology student The Moule talks about her first hand experience of plastic pollution

Bangor student embarks on Atlantic sailing adventure

Marine Biology and Oceanography student Jessica Fox is about to join the crew of the Bark Europa tall ship, sailing from Cape Town to the Azores. First year student Jessica will be conducting research along the way.

Inspired by The Blue Planet

Landmark BBC nature documentary series The Blue Planet has inspired many of Bangor University's students and staff. Ahead of the release of Blue Planet II, we caught up with Jake, Holly and David, who all credit The Blue Planet for its part in sparking their interest in marine biology and ocean sciences.

Life inside Antarctic and Arctic pack ice

A talk by David Thomas. This lecture will explore how organisms live inside and on the millions of square kilometres of pack ice that cover the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.

The ecology and management of marine aliens

A talk by Stuart Jenkins. Stuart Jenkins discusses why some species are successful invaders, what makes some habitats more likely to be invaded than others and how research helps to address the problems.

Sustainable farming of the sea from global to local

A talk by Lewis LeVay. What is limiting growth of this essential food production sector and what is the best way forward both globally and locally?

Tides, Snowballs and Evolution

A talk by Mattias Green. The tides are crucial for sustaining climate controlling ocean circulation patterns, and as a pump responsible for maintaining the ocean’s ability to host and evolve life. Over millions of years continents move, merge, and break up. This leads to changes in the tides and some serious consequences for life and climate. In this talk, we will go on a 1 billion year journey through Earth’s history and explore how moving continents change the tides, climate, and life.

Exploring and Learning from the most remote coral reefs on Earth

A talk by Gareth Williams. This lecture will discuss how remote coral reefs, far removed from local human pressures such as fishing and coastal development, have informed us and advanced our understanding of the natural functioning of these diverse ecosystems.

The Acoustic World of Marine Mammals

A talk by Line Cordes. This lecture will explore the use of sound by marine mammals and how increasing human noise in the oceans is impacting their populations.

Art, Aesthetics, Architecture and Algae

A talk by Professor David Thomas.

Research in the Chagos Archipelago

Professor John Turner from the School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University is one of the scientists researching the world's world’s largest marine reserve, the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

Graduate Profile - Emily Riley, BSc Geological Oceanography graduate

Emily graduated with a degree in Geological Oceanography. She is now working as a graduate geotechnical engineer for Tideway, working on the eastern contract of London’s Thames Tideway Tunnel project with Costain.

Student Profile -Emma Keen, MSci in Marine Biology and Oceanography

Emma is about to complete an MSci in Marine Biology and Oceanography. She explains how her extra-curricular activities have contributed to a Bangor Employability Award.

Student Profile - Sowmiya Shivaji, Physical Oceanography

Sowmiya Shivaji is from Surrey and is studying Physical Oceanography. She shares her student experiences at Bangor University.

Student Profile - Jessica Fox, Marine Biology and Oceanography

Jessica tells us why she chose to study at Bangor and what she enjoys about being a student here.

Tides of the Menai Strait

To celebrate our teaching and research excellence, and the opening of the Marine Centre Wales building, this film has been produced in collaboration with CADARN.

A fishing trip aboard the Research Vessel 'Prince Madog'

Students take a Fisheries Practical on the University's Research ship the Prince Madog.

Research vessel- The RV Prince Madog

Scientists from Bangor University spent 4 weeks working at sea on our research vessel, The RV Prince Madog. Part of the Marine Ecosystems Research Program, the research cruise was led by Dr Leigh Howarth and Dr Jan Hiddink.

Studying bedforms and waterlevels in a waveform practical in the School of Ocean Sciences

Students from the School of Ocean Sciences study bedforms and waterlevels during a Waveform Practical.

Dolphins and seabirds off Anglesey

A field trip to spot and identify cetaceans and seabirds.

A seaweed practical on the shore of the Menai Strait

School of Ocean Sciences. Fieldwork by the Menai Strait.

Ocean Sciences Fieldwork in America

Every year students from Bangor University travel to America to carry out research. Take a look at what they get up to...

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