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David Tarrant - MSc. Marine Environmental Protection

Graduated in 2008

David TarrantSince joining Royal Haskoning I think I have used an element of every single module directly in my work as a marine environmental scientist. I have used the shell Island and statistics modules to aid survey design and analyse data for site conditioning monitoring of a Welsh SAC. I have used skills developed in the fisheries module, to help assess the sustainability and advice for MSC accreditation of sea fisheries on the south coast. I have spent many an hour plotting data using ARCmap which I have then used it to inform SNH about habitats that exist within their intertidal SSSIs, and I have also written several EIA chapters. I have not as yet used skills learnt through the ICZM module, but we have just won some SEA work for which I helped write the proposal so I think that will just about complete the set.  

So thank you so much for your help and support during my time at Bangor, I believe it to be the most defining year of my life so far and certainly the one in which I achieved the most. I will not forget that it was your MEP course that got me to where I am now and for that I am eternally grateful. I have copied into this email key staff who went out of their way to help me during the course but please pass on my thanks to all staff in the school it is a brilliant place to learn.