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Matt Haworth - MSc Marine Biology

Now works as: Senior Aquarist at Sea Life London Aquarium

"I'd always had a passion for marine science and the MSc. in Marine Biology at Bangor catered for that by keeping me engaged in the subject whilst equipping me with the skills required for a career in it.

I chose a career in the aquarium industry, which isn't overly populated with people with Master's degrees. What this meant was that although this field requires a slightly different skill set to the ones I was trained in at Bangor, I have been able to use what I was taught to really advance my career - most notably the module on aquaculture, but also the practicals in taxonomy, dissection and the general focus on critical thinking and experimental design throughout the course.

It's been 5 years since I completed my degree in Menai Bridge and I'm now managing the coral reef displays at the UK's most popular aquarium, in the heart of London."