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Psychology Students prove they are ‘Born to Run’ at Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon Festival

Congratulations to the 19 final year students in the School of Psychology who took on the Liverpool Rock n Roll marathon festival this year. Over the past 18 weeks these students have learnt about theories of positive and motivational psychology in a module delivered by Dr Fran Garrad-Cole and Prof John Parkinson.

The module teaches how to set SMART goals, overcome setbacks and develop psychological resilience and Grit, and then the students apply the theories to the very real and challenging goal of running a marathon. No mean feat, especially when most of these students had not run further than 5k before the start of the module. The 18 students who ran the full marathon and one who ran the half add to the tally from the 2016/17 cohort where 13 students ran the full and 3 the half marathon.

The module has been described by the students as ‘transformational’, ‘and as ‘something I will remember for the rest of my life’.  One student even commented that, because of the module ‘I learnt that I am capable of anything, that it is only myself that stands in the way of me pursuing challenges and goals’. 

Students have tracked their journeys to marathon success in bi-weekly blog assignments which have enabled them to share the process with family and friends. You can read some of the blogs here: 

Dr Garrad-Cole summed things up saying “This is the 2nd year we have delivered this unique module and its again been fantastic. It is especially pleasing to see that the life-style changes induced by the module are long-lasting, since students from last year came back to run again at Liverpool, with four running the full marathon and two running the half. “ You can see the detail of the Born to Run: Achieve your Goal module here.

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Publication date: 29 May 2018