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News: September 2019

What’s in your blood?

An expert from the University’s School of Sport, Health & Exercise Science has been taking part in a new series on S4C, Yn y Gwaed, beginning Thursday, 12 September at 8.00.

The series aims to help a handful of young people discover their calling. Professor Tim Woodman will compose a psychological profile of the individuals in order to assess their psychological strength. , while others assess their family history to identify the skills and talents that lie in their blood. Historian Eilir Ann Daniels in Aberystwyth will shed new light on the family history of the individuals. By marrying their psychological makeup with their family history, they will then suggest ideal areas of work for that individual.

Publication date: 5 September 2019

How machine learning is improving English cricketers

Innovative machine learning may seem light years away from first class test cricket, but it was the introduction of machine learning which enabled experts at Bangor University to reveal to the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) the factors which can lead to developing county or international world-class cricketers.

Publication date: 2 September 2019