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Cricket Talent Testing

As part of the continued work between IPEP and the ECB A number of IPEP members (Chelsey Dempsey, Leonie Webster, Caoimhe Martin) recently assisted Ben Jones (IPEP ECB-funded PhD student) with the England Development Programme' talent testing at the national cricket performance centre, Loughborough.

Talent testing is a process by which cricket counties nominate their most high potential U16s who come and showcase their talent by taking part in a series of battery tests.

The aim of the ongoing longitudinal research (now 5 years of age) is to ascertain whether the tests are indicative of future elite performance.

In analysis terms, when retrospectively comparing players who have progressed along the ECB development pathway compared to players who have not, the ECB are seeking to identify whether how well they performed in the various battery tests at talent testing discriminates between being successful/not successful in future. Ben Jones is now leading this project as part of his applied work with the ECB.

Publication date: 5 October 2015