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Research Presentations at ECB

At the beginning of October Ben Jones is presenting his PhD proposal at the ECB's biannual academy directors conference at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. During this presentation he will be referring to recent IPEP research focusing on the Relative Age Effect (RAE) that has found an RAE across all the different disciplines at the 'super-elite' level in cricket.

A new project will be proposed that aims to measure possible contributors of bias associated with the RAE as a means of intervention at academy level. That is, by knowing what contributes to the bias in selection for those who are relatively older, the ECB and IPEP can work to make changes at junior levels (e.g. if you are 'relatively young', it might be that you need experiences indicative of a 'rocky road' to develop resilience and subsequently bridge the gap between those older than you).

At this conference, 3rd year Bangor student James Loftus will be presenting the findings of the annual academy player experience survey which he devised and launched nationally in July through his summer internship with the ECB.

Publication date: 5 October 2015