How do I request a 'Confirmation of Award/Qualification' letter?

Should you require confirmation of your qualification for employment / further study / visa application purposes, the Awards Office can provide you with an official confirmation of award/qualification letter.

This will include confirmation of:


  •  Full name

  •  Registration start and end date

  •  Subject / area of study

  •  Title of qualification

  •  Date of qualification / date of award

  •  Final result (& classification (if applicable))

  •  Name of awarding institution


To request an official confirmation of award / qualification letter please complete and return a request form here.

In line with the provisions of the Data Protection Act we are unable to accept requests made via e-mail or telephone. We are unable to provide any information to third parties (including family or relatives) without the written consent of the individual concerned.

Should you have any additional requirements please state these under the ‘Additional Information’ section of the form.

Please note the signature must be hand signed, therefore please return the form by post, fax or as a scanned attachment to

Requests will normally be processed within 10 working days however, qualifications completed pre-2002 may take longer as records are not held electronically.