Can I change my course or my module choices on-line?

New Students

Although you are already been accepted onto a programme of study, many programmes have a structure that gives you the opportunity to pick modules outside your main area of study. The extent to which this is possible within your programme will be outlined in your School Handbook.

For some courses you will be able to choose modules on-line. For a complete list of the arrangements for your School, please click here. Research students do NOT select modules on-line.


Continuing Students

No all changes to module registrations MUST be made in your ‘Home’ School. Please go and see them as soon as possible. Remember many things like Blackboard access and personal timetables rely on you being registered on the correct Modules.
Changes of course MUST be discussed in the school(s) and if decided upon a change of degree form must be completed. The form can be found in the MyBangor Request Centre.