I don't use my university e-mail account, how do I re-confirm attendance?

All important communications will be sent to your university e-mail account which should be checked regularly.

You are strongly advised to use your university e-mail account as your primary e-mail account, however if for other reasons (e.g. professional work reasons for part time students) you need to maintain more than one e-mail account, then you must either check your university account regularly or arrange for all university e-mails to be forwarded as appropriate. When forwarding e-mail, please ensure that university e-mail is accepted by the new account. Failure to read university e-mails cannot be used in mitigation for non-compliance with university regulations and procedures

Additional important information regarding enrolment and re-confirmation of attendance procedures and regulations will be emailed to your university email account and you should read this thoroughly and keep this information throughout your period of registration.