Student Administration

Office Opening Hours / Contacts / Enquiries

In order to provide a comprehensive student administration service, we have localised Student Administration Hubs across the campus. This means you can use any Admin Hub, regardless of which School you are studying with. Staff contact details can be found here

Opening hours

Main Arts

Student Administration Hub

1st Floor, Main Arts Building

College Road, Bangor, LL57 2DG


9 - 5pm

Science Site

Student Administration Hub

Wheldon Building

Deiniol Road, Bangor, LL57 2UW


9 - 5pm

Normal Site

Student Administration Hub

Eifionydd Building, Normal Site

Bangor, LL57 2PZ


9 - 5pm

Fron Heulog

Student Administration Hub

Fron Heulog

Bangor, LL57 2EF


9 - 5pm


General Enquiries:

  • Tel: +44 (0)1248 38 8484
  • Email:

Change of Address

Services are available online through myBangor

You are able to:

  • inform the University of a change to your term-time address.
  • provide the University with your summer vacation address.
  • inform the University of any changes to your emergency contact details.
  • inform the University of your new or changed mobile phone number.
  • Update your permanent home address which is where your examination results, graduation information and certificate are sent. Please note certificates are only issued to permanent home addresses.

To use these services:

Change of Name

Any student who informs the University that their name has altered, be it because of marriage, divorce or change of gender, must provide an original document as evidence of the correct name which they will be known by throughout their university career.

This may take the form of an original Marriage/Birth Certificate, Passport or Change of name Deed.

If your name has been spelt incorrectly or is missing a middle name etc. please contact the Student Administration Office (1st Floor, Main Arts Building) and bring with you proof of identity as listed above. Please note that your name as held on your student record is that which will appear on your final award certificate.

Transcript Requests

Important: Undergraduates and Taught Postgraduates qualifying this session need not complete a ‘Transcript Request Form’ as university transcripts will automatically be posted to them before the end of September.

Requests for transcripts can be made by downloading the Transcript Request form in either [PDF] or [MS Word] format, completing the form and posting it to:

Student Administration
Academic Registry
Bangor University
College Road
LL57 2DG

Alternatively the completed form can be emailed as a scanned attachment to the Student Administration Office (

Please note that transcripts are official documents and as such they cannot be faxed or e-mailed. Official transcripts are issued on University headed paper and crested with the University logo to ensure validity.

If records are unavailable in order to produce a transcript of the modules completed (this may apply to old University records) you will be provided with an official letter on University headed paper confirming the start and end date of your course, final qualification awarded and confirmation that a transcript of modules cannot be provided.

The first issue of a transcript is provided free of charge. Replacement transcripts are charged at £28. Additional copies requested at the same time or within 30 days are charged at £3.

You will be informed by email if a charge is applicable and how to make a payment, once the request form has been received.

The provisions of the Data Protection Act prevent us from accepting requests via e-mail or telephone. We are unable to provide any information to third parties (including family or relatives) without the written consent of the individual concerned.

Requests must include full name at time of registration, date of birth, course studied and qualification obtained (including class of degree if applicable), date of completion or graduation and signature.

Undergraduate transcripts for courses followed after modularisation (1990/91 onwards for Science courses, 1994/5 onwards for Arts) will include the title of each individual module plus an overall percentage mark. Prior to this we are able to provide only general subject areas with an overall grade.

Taught postgraduate transcripts will normally include a list of modules taken plus marks/grades obtained. However, as this information will need to be obtained from individual teaching departments this will depend on what records have been retained.

All transcripts will provide confirmation of dates of registration and the qualification obtained.

Transcript requests will normally be processed within 21 days however requests for transcripts of undergraduate courses taken prior to 2002 and taught postgraduate courses taken prior to 2004 may take longer as additional information needs to be obtained from teaching departments. Prior to transcripts becoming commonplace in the UK some course records were only retained for a period of ten academic years therefore we may not be able to provide a transcript for certain undergraduate courses undertaken prior to 2002 and taught postgraduate courses undertaken prior to 2004. In such instances the University will provide a statement confirming the qualification details along with confirmation that a transcript cannot be provided. In our experience most employers and educational institutions accept this statement of academic achievement from the awarding establishment