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Mark Malpass- PhD Microbiology in Poultry Production, MSc World Animal Production, BSc World Agriculture

Now works as: Commercial Director

Now works for: Lloyds Animal Feeds

"As Commercial Director of Lloyd’s Animal Feeds, my responsibilities are both wide-ranging and engaging. I have responsibility for both the commercial and technical aspects of the four animal feedmills, roughly 600,000 tonnes of raw materials a year – worth well over £120 million.

"Every working day I draw upon the experience gained from the multi-disciplinary approach that my University studies at Bangor took. From animal science and nutrition, to economics and accountancy, in combination with the practical experience gained during my work placement year and transferable skill courses that were part of my PhD; they have all combined to give me the diverse skill-set that helps me with my diverse role.

"This can range from designing new bespoke diets that addresses our customers’ needs, to understanding wheat and soya market trends, from negotiating competitive purchase prices with suppliers, through to dealing with key customers and legislative bodies, and tackling any environmental issues the company has. I have been very fortunate that Bangor’s courses gave me both the core scientific knowledge together with a range of real-world skills.

"The fact that I kept returning to study in Bangor for each stage of my University career, sandwiched around working for periods abroad, I think says volumes about how well Bangor suited me both as a place to learn and a place to live."