World-leading research and teaching since 1884

World-Leading Research

Our cutting-edge research informs our teaching and helps advance our collective understanding of the world around us.

[0:01] Bangor University

[0:03] is a research powerhouse,

[0:06] A change-maker.

[0:09] Our discoveries are shaping the world today with a focus on

[0:11] sustainability,

[0:13]safeguarding the environment,

[0:16] revitalising society's health in a post-pandemic world

[0:21] and promoting economic, social, bilingual and cultural vitality.

[0:24] Our research is seeking solutions to some of the world's most challenging problems,

[0:28] from improving health and wellbeing,

[0:31] to advancing the global 5G economy

[0:34] and finding the energy solutions of the future.

[0:37] Partnering with policy-makers, industry, businesses, and communities

[0:42] and human performance research,

[0:46] to train tomorrow's doctors.

[0:48] Supporting the Life Sciences sector

[0:51] and human performance research in Sport Science.

[0:55] Bangor's Covid-19 research is informing Public Health policy decisions,

[0:58] establishing the UK's first wastewater epidemiology network tracking infection rates.

[1:02] Investigating media influences on mask-wearing choices

[1:08] and future pandemic preparedness.

[1:09] Bangor is advancing technologies and resilience

[1:10] in nuclear power and medicine

[1:13] through our leading Nuclear Futures Institute.

[1:17] Tackling Climate Change with research into Low carbon energy.

[1:23] Addressing one of the planet's greatest environmental issues.

[1:25] Plastic waste and the overuse of single-use plastics,

[1:29] and protecting the variety of species and ecosystems

[1:33] through biodiversity conservation research.

[1;38} Our research on Wales, the Welsh language and linguistic skills,

[1:41] is inspiring a vibrant bilingual nation.

[1:45] Our discoveries are informing teaching,

[1:49] enabling students to learn about research in real-time.

[1:53] Our researchers share an ethos embracing

[1:55] courage,

[1:56] integrity,

[1:57] collaboration,

[1:57] confidence,

[1:58] and trust

[2:00] with a global outlook

[2:03] that is helping us make a real difference to people's lives.

[2:06] Research

[2:07] at our heart

[2:09] since 1884.


We offer courses across the sciences, arts, business, humanities and law.

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[0:02] No ordinary place

[0:05] [VISUAL DESCRIPTION] Bangor University logo with views of the University and the surrounding area.

[0:10] No ordinary experience

[0:13] [VISUAL DESCRIPTION]  Female writing notes in a book

[0:15] No ordinary landscape

[0:19] No ordinary community

[0:22] [VISUAL DESCRIPTION] Guitar playing at a concert

[0:24] No ordinary university

[0:26] For those who want to grow their thinking

[0:29] Welcome to Bangor University

[0:32] The place to

[0:33] think, create, imagine, explore, achieve, experience

[0:37] Discover the extraordinary

[0:41] Since 1884.

[0:43] www.bangor.ac.uk

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