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Academy for Health Equity, Prevention and Wellbeing (AHEPW)

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Academy for Health Equity, Prevention and Wellbeing

Welcome to the Academy for Health Equity, Prevention and Wellbeing – a beacon of transformative education and innovation at the forefront of healthcare. We are dedicated to reshaping the future of health and wellbeing, not only in Wales but across the globe. Our academy, formerly known as ALPHAcademy, represents a profound commitment to advancing health equity, promoting wellbeing, and championing preventative measures for a healthier world. Rooted at the crossroads of education, research, and practice, we offer an array of comprehensive postgraduate programs, individual courses, and flexible learning modules in Prevention, Population Health, and Leadership. Our distinctive blend of online and in-person learning caters to the diverse needs of working professionals while delivering a rich educational experience.

Additionally, we provide free online workshops, consultancy services, and access to a team of esteemed professionals, researchers, and educators who bring their diverse expertise to our programs. Together, we embark on a journey to empower learners to lead transformative change in the realms of health and wellbeing.

The Academy for Health Equity, Prevention and Wellbeing is an integral component of a network of Welsh Government-funded Intensive Learning Academies—a collaborative hub dedicated to nurturing skills, fostering expertise, exchanging knowledge, and translating research into tangible, real-world solutions.

Join us in this exciting endeavour as we pave the way for a healthier, more equitable future.

Educating leaders and workers in the health and social care sectors on implementing preventative health practices with funded and free courses

Research support into preventative health

Consultancy to develop new preventative health approaches and practices


Bangor University’s ALPHAcademy is now recruiting students for postgraduate courses in prevention, population health and leadership.



Prevention is about helping people stay healthy, happy and independent for as long as possible.



Our focus at ALPHAcademy is to develop and support leaders to embed prevention in health and social care services across Wales and beyond.



We are offering a range of flexible postgraduate courses including MSc, PGDip and PGCert. We are also offering registration on our 12 week flexible delivery modules and free workshops.



If you are a health or social care professional and are interested in developing the skills to promote prevention in your service, this course could be for you.



ALPHAcademy offers;

  • Fully funded scholarships
  •  Distance or on campus learning
  • Part-time or full-time learning
  • Workshops with internationally recognised experts
  • Links with Welsh Government and Health Boards



Join us in supporting the health and social care sectors to meet the population health management challenges of today and tomorrow



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Our Programmes

Prevention, Population Health, and Leadership (Blended Learning, MSc/PGDip/PGCert)

MSc PgDipPgCert

Prevention, Population Health, and Leadership (Distance Learning, MSc/PGDip/PGCert)


  • ILA-4005 Coaching and Mentoring
  • ILA-4006 Creating a Learning Culture
  • ILA-4007 Health Equity and Human Rights
  • LA-4008 Healthy Behaviour Change
  • ILA-4009 Mental Health and Wellbeing

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The AHEPW at Bangor University continue to offer free online workshops. All who wish to attend are welcome. The workshops form part of the AHEPW postgraduate teaching on prevention, population health and leadership. Details of the workshops are provided below along with the links for registration. Please feel free to share these workshops with colleagues (internal and external) who might be interested. For more information about the AHEPW and the postgraduate courses, please visit the AHEPW website or email

Please be aware that the workshops will be delivered through the medium of English.

Please note, all the workshops are developed to be stand-alone. There is no requirement to attend the 'introduction' workshop before attending the 'advanced' or 'applied' workshop.

Registration is now open for all workshops.

If you have any queries please contact 


Introduction to Creating a Learning Culture 

In this workshop, we will consider the individual, how we learn, what makes an effective learning environment, and how this might look in our work. We will be joined by guest lecturers, and the workshop will include short lectures, individual tasks, small groups, case studies and discussion. Towards the end of the workshop, we will bring it all together to consider practical methods to apply, to help us create and maintain learning cultures.

19 October 2023

9:30am to 12:30pm

Advanced approaches to Creating a Learning Culture 

In this second workshop Dr Lorelei Jones will move on to consider the organisation. Dr Lorelei Jones will look at the research evidence on creating an organisation-wide, and system-wide, learning culture. This will include a special guest presentation from Prof. Nicola Burgess who led the evaluation of the NHS England and Virginia Mason partnership.

23 November 2023

9:30am to 12:30pm

Module Organiser

Dr Rosemary Smith

Guest Speaker

Dr Lorelei Jones


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These workshops will provide you with an opportunity to understand how to form and develop professional relationships as a coach or mentor. Guest speakers will present theories and share industry examples in the areas of leadership and communication skills, and you will work in groups to discuss how integrate these skills into your practice.

Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring principles

05 October 2023

9:30am to 12:30pm

Applied Coaching and Mentoring principles

16 November 2023

9:30am to 12:30pm

Module Organiser

Tracey O’Neill

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Absence from work resulting from mental ill health is the most common cause of long-term sickness absence in the UK. According to the Independent, workers in the UK will spend 3,507 days at work over their lifetime. Although there are positive benefits of good work on health and wellbeing, for some people work can impact negatively on their wellbeing with work related stress, anxiety and depression accounting for 44% of work-related ill-health and 54% of lost working days.

Introduction to mental health and the workplace

26 October 2023

9:30am to 12:30pm

Applied approaches to dealing with workplace stress

14 December 2023

9:30am to 12:30pm

Module Organiser

Guest Speaker

Dr Carys Stringer

Prof Anne Harriss

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Our Staff

At Bangor, you will never be just a face in the crowd. Our staff will get to know you and are here to help you throughout your studies. Here's your chance to learn more about them.


“Let’s Talk… Preventative Healthcare” Podcast

Join us with a new episode each month to discuss preventative healthcare with guest speakers, from health professionals to subject matter experts.

 Current episodes available here:

1. Introduction - 'Let's Talk Preventative Health' with Dr Nathan Bray, AHEPW Lead, Bangor University

2. Episode 1 - 'Occupational Mental Health and Suicide' with Prof Anne Harriss and Dr Simon Walker, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Glasgow

3. Episode 2 - 'Child Sexual Abuse' with Bethan Kelly, Barnardos

4. Episode 3 - 'What Makes an Exceptional Learning Organisation?' with Dr Ioan Rees, Sycol

5. Episode 4 - 'Health Economics' with Prof Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Professor in Health Economics, Bangor University

6. Episode 5: 'Healthy Behaviour Change' with Prof John Parkinson, Bangor University

7. Episode 6: 'Systems Leadership, Anthropology and Prevention' with Dr Lorelei Jones, Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences, Bangor University

8. Episode 7: 'Health Equities and Overcoming Challenges in Healthcare Systems' with Dr. Chris Subbe, BCUHB

9. Episode 8: 'Cycling for Climate Change Awareness' with Kate Strong

10. Episode 9: 'Safeguarding Futures: Injury Prevention in Sports' with Dr. Julian Owen, Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science, Bangor University

11: Episode 10: 'Mindfulness, Wellbeing and Self Care' with Dr Ursula Sorensen, Teaching and Learning Consultant, The Centre for Teaching and Learning, Brigham Young University, USA

12. Episode 11: 'Empowering Communities for Preventative Healthcare' with Robin Ranson, Senior Health Improvement Practitioner, BCUHB

13. Episode 12: 'Value-Based Healthcare' with Prof. Hamish Laing, Professor of Enhanced Innovation and Engagement, VBHC Academy, Swansea University

14. Episode 13: 'Innovation in Health and Social Care' with Prof Gareth Davies, School of Management, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Swansea University

PLEASE NOTE: All the podcasts are delivered through the medium of English

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